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A brief revision of our vision
Horseback Riding in Naples
29 April 2016

HORSEBACK RIDING IN NAPLES 25TH APRIL 2016 | SAANA / ALWAYS ABROAD My dream of going on a horse riding tour in Italy finally came true one weekend a few weeks back when we booked a sunset tour from the Vesuvius horseback riding tours. Our tour guide, Roberto, was kind enough to meet us at […]

Horseback Riding on Mt.Vesuvius
31 January 2016

as we headed back into italy and to naples, we knew that pompeii & mt. vesuvius were on our list to experience. but after a long and hot summer touring a lot of sights, we had hopes of seeing it in a different way. i think we succeeded! instead of walking with a tour guide through […]

Why Naples, Italy Should be Way More than Just Your Pit Stop October 18, 2015A Wandering Casiedilla Most people pass over Naples, Italy. They use it as a portal city to hop on over to the more “glam” places, like the Almalfi Coast or the island of Capri. All sorts of rumours fester around Naples […]

Cavaliere Della Neve
30 January 2016

Cavaliere Della Neve   Mount Vesuvius wears a little veil of snow sometimes, like Mount Fuji… but the snow almost never comes down from the top. When we arrived at the stables, straight out of a spaghetti western, there were little flakes floating in the air. I assumed they were ashes from the volcano, but […]

My recent discovery, an article in the Business Insider UK, has shaken my world a little bit. “Why no one wants to travel to Naples” was a headline that immediately caught my attention yet I couldn’t have guessed that an article implementing such a poor level of journalism could have been published in a leading UK magazine. Read […]